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“When the
power of love
overcomes the
love of power
the world will
know peace”

St Andrew’s is a little unusual, because it was founded in the 20th century after pressure from local people for a new parish church. When the Albany Park estate was built in the 1930s, the nearest Anglican church was about 2 miles away

To meet the needs of local people during the war, in 1944, the vicar of All Saints in Footscray started holding communion services in a room over the shops in Lewis Road

By 1946 a hall in Wren Road was being used officially for the St Andrew’s congregation, as a daughter church of All Saints, Footscray

From 1954, a priest was appointed to care for the people of Albany Park; services continued in the hall for another decade

Eventually plans were approved to build a church building in the centre of the Albany Park estate

At one point the church held services on the empty site

before the building work started

In 1964 building work started

The building was completed in 1965 and St Andrew’s

was established as a separate parish in 1969

St Andrew’s today

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old photos of

St Andrew’s

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Christening at Wren Road hall

A Short History of St Andrew’s Church