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OF ENGLAND “When the
power of love
overcomes the
love of power
the world will
know peace”

Rupert: How did you feel, when it was suggested that you might come on an Alpha course?

Becky:  I felt confused and questioned what it was and what would happen.

Rupert: Was it what you expected? If not, in what way was it different?

Becky:  I expected to see a vicar wearing a dog collar and a big black suit! (She laughs because Rupert is wearing jeans and casual shirt). I found the evenings on the course were casual and calm.

Rupert: What was the best thing about Alpha for you?

Becky:  In the Alpha course, I can sit here and feel calm and relaxed.

Rupert: What effect has doing the Alpha course had on your life?

Becky:  It’s had a really big effect. I’ve found a real peace. At the Holy Spirit Day, after they prayed for me, I really felt like someone was telling me everything was okay, and everything was falling into place. At school, I had felt like giving up on my ambition because I wasn’t getting on well. But now I am working hard and getting better grades, because I feel more confident. I’ve got back my hope of fulfilling my ambition.

Rupert: Thank you Becky, I am so pleased for you.

Becky tells new Alpha course members about her experience on the course in a short interview with Rupert Hankey

The Alpha Course @ St Andrew’s

We run a 10 week Alpha Course to explore what the Christian faith really is, and what it might mean to live as a Christian today.

Each evening consists of 3 parts: a shared meal (which the church provides), a talk on the subject being covered that evening, and then time for questions and discussion. You can ask or disagree with anything.

If you have ever thought:

“There’s got to be more to life than this - but how can I find out?”, then the Alpha Course is for you.

Please contact Rupert Hankey

if you wish to join our next Alpha Course:

Phone: 020 8300 4712

Text: 07539 319545

Email: vicar@st-andrewssidcup.org.uk