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OF ENGLAND “When the
power of love
overcomes the
love of power
the world will
know peace”
could be sold for, it doesn’t begin to compare with the life and wholeness that Jesus brings into our lives – yet so many people have never discovered that life for themselves. They’ve never ‘opened God’s present’ to them. Two thousand years ago in Bethlehem, God gave this world the priceless gift of His Son. This Christmas come and worship with us to discover how receiving that gift could be the most valuable thing you ever do in your life.
Rupert Hankey Writes about
“. . . that gift
could be the
most valuable
thing you ever
do in your life”
< The chances are, though, that we won’t be digging quite as deep as the buyer who coughed up $450 million in November for Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of Jesus, Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World).
As someone in St Andrew’s remarked to me, that’s an awful lot of money to pay for a painting of Jesus when we can know the real, living Jesus for free! I couldn’t have put it better myself – that remark goes right to the heart of what Christmas is all about. Think about it: I know it’s unlikely, but what if someone bought you the Salvador Mundi painting this Christmas and put it under your tree – but you never opened it! You would never get the benefit of it and would never be able to sell it on for £342 million!

Actually, that is not quite as far-fetched as it sounds… However many millions da Vinci’s painting
Valuable Gift