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OF ENGLAND “When the
power of love
overcomes the
love of power
the world will
know peace”


In addition to the four main missions, we wish to continue giving practical and prayer support to the ‘persecuted church’ around the world. We thought that, in alternate years, we might do this through ongoing involvement with St George’s Church, Baghdad and Canon Andrew White, known as the Vicar of Baghdad who has a connection with Sidcup.  

Link: http://frrme.org/what-we-do/st-georges-church-baghdad/


This alternates with Release International, locally based and providing a voice for persecuted Christians worldwide, giving information for prayer and offering practical support through a variety of projects.  

Link: http://www.releaseinternational.org/


Since 1972 Unlock has been working with churches and other Christian groups, particularly in our major cities, providing training and resources for increased effectiveness in Christian mission within the community. St Andrew’s was a founder-participant in the first Unlock London sponsored walk nearly thirty years ago, and since then church members have continued to give generously in support of those doing the walk each April. Geoff Coggins acts as Unlock ‘champion’ within the church, and is now actively involved each year in planning the walk.

Link: http://www.unlock-urban.org.uk/


St Andrew’s has chosen Tearfund to channel any special collections to respond to major disasters.

Link: http://www.tearfund.org/

Reporting on St Andrew’s involvement with a range of mission organisations

After a recent review, St Andrew’s Mission Committee has decided to focus the church’s involvement and financial support on four main organisations. This means St Andrew’s will invite these organisations to provide a visiting speaker and church members will have the opportunity to contribute to special collections.

St Andrew’s encourages individual church members to become a volunteer Champion for one of the mission organisations, and raise awareness of church members.

Please contact Geoff if you are interested in taking on this role

THE MAIN FOUR ORGANISATIONS – follow the links below to find out more

The Salmon Youth Centre

The Centre was founded by the Rev “Pa” Salmon in 1906 and was formerly known as the Cambridge University Mission. Located in Bermondsey it provides youth club and residential facilities, improved following a £10m building project. The aim is to inspire young people to realise their potential and to contribute positively to their communities, and at the same time to recognise and respond to the Christian faith.

St Andrew’s has a link to the Salmon Centre through John White, one of our churchwardens, who serves on the Board of Trustees and was chairman for some years.

Link: http://www.salmoncentre.co.uk/

UFM - Unevangelised Fields Mission

St Andrew’s has many connections with mission in South America.  Our former vicar, the Rev Walter Robbins, had been a missionary with the South American Missionary Society, and former church members Rev Peter and Kay Tong have been directly involved in the work of SAMS for more than 50 years.

Geoff Coggins was a short term volunteer with UFM back in the days when it was the “Unevangelised Fields Mission”, teaching in a school for missionaries’ children in Belém, Brazil. But our main connection stems from when former church member Angela Flynn went out to Belém to work amongst street children. We still support the street kids work, and  a few years ago we were visited by missionary Mo Sharratt, a lady of mature years. Subsequently church member Graham Wood and his son John joined Mo in a sponsored parachute jump.

Link: http://www.ufm.org.uk

Teso Development Trust

St Andrew’s is one of only about 20 UK churches who support this small agency working in the Teso region in north east Uganda. This region has been particularly hard hit during the country’s recent troubles, with many refugees displaced by the activities of rebels waging a campaign of terror including child abduction, mutilation and murder.  

The Teso Development Trust has been working for over twenty years in partnership with local churches for relief, development and mission. Some members of St Andrew’s also support the Teso Educational Sponsorship Scheme which helps finance the Secondary education of girls in the region.  

In October 2011, we enjoyed an inspiring visit by Bishop George Erwau and his wife Florence.  

Link: http://teso.org.uk/


Christian Resources in Bexley Schools was established in 1993 and is led by the energetic Gordon Raggett. The CRIBS team visit over 45 Bexley primary schools each academic year, seeking to make the Christian message accessible and relevant to all pupils.  They lead assemblies and take lessons teaching about Christian belief, practice and lifestyle. They run after-school clubs where children can have fun and learn what it means to follow Jesus. For the last year they have used the 3:16 double decker bus to visit schools and provide a base for teaching over 4000 children. They are also working in some secondary schools in the borough.

CRIBS have recently moved their office to Royal Park School, just across the road from St Andrew’s Church. Some members of the church are volunteers with CRIBS, and the CRIBS ‘champion’ at St Andrew’s is Bob Reeves.

Link: http://www.cribsonline.org/

Mission Support - from Geoff Coggins